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Published : February 15, 2013
By Felix Markman, Maslul Ishi
Shimon the barber is bald; he is a man with no hair style. But he’s a good hair stylist – always there are women at his salon. He’s the real life Zohan, except he’s unpretentious and humble. Shimi v’Ronit, as his salon is called is always full of people; they come and go and everybody in the neighborhood seems to know him. 
Shimi v’Ronit is right outside Beit Milman, where I live. It’s one of three hair salons at the neighborhood mall. The first time I came in for a haircut, I approached the Russian looking lady, and politely asked her if she does haircuts. No, she said and pointed to Shimon. Frivolously repeating the word Mahar (tomorrow) and pointing to my hair while saying haircut, Shimon understood that I don’...

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