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Published : February 19, 2013
By Orah Gidanian, Me'ohr Baeis Yaakov
My goal when deciding to spend the year in an institute in Israel was the classic one- I wanted to grow. 
I wanted to mature and expand myself from experiences that I would not be privy to otherwise. 
Except I don’t think I truly knew or understood what the word meant or what it was I meant when saying “I want to grow”. 
Growth is such an elusive word. So overused and abused making it hard to define. 
And growth is so personal that each definition is only dependent on the person defining it. 
When I think of my experiences of learning in Israel for the year, no single event stands out in my mind. 
Published : February 19, 2013


By Melissa Beiser, Israel Teaching Fellows 

If Birthright is the honeymoon (or Taglit for those who don’t call it Birthright), my  current long term Israel program is a combination between marriage and reliving the glory days of college.


I will never forget my first ten days here in February. Well not ‘here’ per se. Saying ‘here’ would mean that I was sitting in my college-style...

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