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Published : February 28, 2013

By Yael Tzalka, Israel Teaching Fellows 


Take note: Israeli's tell it like it is.


They don't believe in standing in line, apologizing, or sweet talking. When they like you, they say it. And when they don't, you know it just the same.


There is no such thing as please and thank you. Nor is there such thing as like; only love and hate. Men have the ability to cry in your arms, and kill you from one moment to the next. And somehow, it hits me time and time again. Like a quick band aid ripping from a nearly formed scab.

I think Israeli's must have coined the term 'living life like today is your last'. There's something in the air here, as bustling energy coming from the ground. Whatever it is, it seems to enchant people with a fierce amount of drive, passion, and...
Published : February 26, 2013
By Jillian Hoenig, Shaalvim for Women
Does our unity make us a community, or does our being a community unite us?
What does it mean to be a community?
To be a state?
To be a nation?
What connection do we have with one another? 
 My friend Ariel and I were in Sanhedria looking to hail a cab.
I saw one coming down the road and signaled to it.
“Shalom, ma slomeich? (How are you)?” She said as we piled into the vehicle.
“Which cab company to you work for,” she said, gesturing towards the empty spot on the windshield where the name of a company should have been.

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