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Posted January 07, 2013
By Dan Kassner, Israel Teaching Fellows   Education is something that is experienced and shared universally.   Yet, education means very different things to different people. It can be used for good, to create discussion and to challenge opinions, or it can be abused and used for hate.    My interest in education is what first inspired me to enroll in Masa Israel’s OTZMA Israel Teaching Fellows, a 10-month...
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Posted January 03, 2013
By Anna Kaminsky, Hebrew University   I spent the best six months of my life studying at the Masa Israel-accredited Hebrew University of Jerusalem. The things I did, the things I learned, the people I met – I will never forget any of it. But one of the things I will cherish most is the friendship I developed with a guy named Ghassan.   Ghassan is a year and a half younger than me but you would never know it. He has...
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