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Published : January 24, 2013
Emily Kohuth, Conservative Yeshiva
Several months ago I opened a Rosh Hashanah e-card from a fellow former ulpan student. 
She asked if I remembered her. 
Really, how could I forget her; she was a four-and-a-half foot-tall ball of fire—a feisty, opinionated Latina grandmother.  
On the surface we had little in common besides our low-level Hebrew course at Jerusalem’s Ulpan Beit Ha’am. 
I was a semi-newly minted metal smith and Judaica artist in search of a better Jewish education, and she was a retired secretary fulfilling her dream of making aliyah.  
But there we were together, comparing our homework assignments at 7:15 each morning, five days a week for four months...
Published : January 22, 2013
I came to Israel to learn. 
I was studying at She’arim College of Jewish Studies for Women, a small but highly recommended school. 
I was living in the Jerusalem suburb of Har Nof, a town built into the hills on the edge of the very young Jerusalem forest. 
I found myself in a dorm (an apartment rented by the school) with seven other girls, three of whom were engaged, with weddings fast approaching. 
It was all strange, and I felt lost. 
But time went by and I began to adjust. 
I had become addicted to my classes, and was making new friends every day.

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