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Published : January 28, 2013

By Galit Wernick, Nishmat Shana Ba'aretz

Three years ago, I was a person whose goals in life were material. 
I wanted to go to a great college and then to a great law school.  
I dreamt of becoming a criminal defense attorney so that, first and foremost, I could make a lot of money.  
I believed that a family would just come along by itself.  
When I arrived at the Masa Israel-accredited Nishmat, a women’s center for Torah study in Israel, right after graduating high school, I was so focused on achieving these goals that I was sure the experience in Israel wouldn’t change me.
But looking back on that time, I see that Nishmat was, in fact, the cocoon that caused me to transform...
Published : January 25, 2013
So, last night, I sat around a crackling fire with a group of religious people chanting incantations in ancient languages while passing around a hand-carved knife and letting the blood from our left pinkie fingers drip over the hot, scalding flames…
Okay, that was an exaggeration. But I think I have been initiated.
Type. Stop. Delete. Type. Dash dash dash (parentheses) I’ve got it I’ve got it period bam. Nope. Wait. Do-over. Turn here, not there. Remember that? Well, please forget it. But write it down for safe-keeping. Read it again later. But not too much later, because then your train of thought will be interrupted and you will not be able to express yourself accordingly. Self. Self. What is Self? Thought I knew my Self...

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