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Published : January 29, 2013
By Elisabeth Hacker, Israel Teaching Fellows - Israel Pathways
When I was preparing to write this speech, I decided to do a quick Rabbi Google search for attention grabbers. All that Rabbi Google gave me was “Purity Quotes to Grab Your Teenager’s Attention.” Needless to say, that is not what I wanted from Rabbi Google. So I decided that the best farewell/halfway point address, since it is so unique to our organization, should have no framework. A framework would only create an atmosphere of oddity and would block the free flow of natural and sincere feelings.
Today I stand not before you, but with you; with the utmost sincere feelings of...
Published : January 29, 2013
By Tina Hughes, Hebrew Union College
I went to Israel for my first year of Rabbinical School at HUC, Hebrew Union College.  
I had been to Israel before – three times – and thought that I knew what I was getting into.  
The year was not what I expected.  Being a female Rabbinical student in Jerusalem, wearing a kippah had its difficulties – but it gave me a taste of Israeli society that I both had not and would never have seen solely from short group-organized trips.  
At first the reactions I got from Israeli society disheartened me about Israel – how could I, a Reform Jew studying to be a Rabbi, feel that I didn’t belong in the Jewish homeland?  
It just didn...

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