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If you will it, it is no [Ice]Dream

Posted January 17th, 2013
This is a story of three individuals from three different continents that were united by Masa Israel/Oranim in one of the most amazing and beautiful cities – Tel Aviv.  Daniel Galan Romano from Argentina, Aaron Sternlicht from the United States, and Zhenya Dobrovinska from Ukraine/Germany came on Israel Way Oranim's 5 month Tel Aviv Internship Experience program to take a break from real life and explore Israel and their future careers.
Daniel is a graphic designer who chose to do his internship with soccer website FTBpro, and Aaron is a social worker whose internship involved helping African refugees at the African Refugee Development Center.  In spite of contrasting interests, Daniel and Aaron formed a strong bond.  They met in Hebrew Ulpan being the only two guys amongst a group of beautiful girls. They were lucky.  They constantly shared ideas, life experiences and hopes for their future.  
One day Daniel shared a business idea with Aaron; a dream social network where people would share the dreams they have from their sleep.  After some time brainstorming in the Dizengoff dorms the idea was turned into a mobile application called IceDreamApp.  Today IceDreamApp is a dream platform that allows people from all over the world to record, share and analyze their dreams.
Tel Aviv, the heart of Israel's start-up nation, was the perfect place to encourage the two young entrepreneurs.  They immediately became a part of Israel's start-up community by attending conferences and networking events.  As part of the Tel Aviv Internship Experience, Masa/Oranim provided professional speakers and workshops in addition to an intensive 5 day Leadership Summit in Jerusalem that motivated the participants to turn ideas into actions.  Daniel was both amazed and excited by an entrepreneurship workshop lead by Ariel Halevi, the CEO of Debate Company, which helps develop leadership and communication skills.
After the summit Daniel and Aaron asked their friend and fellow group participant Zhenya to join IceDreamApp.  Zhenya has a lot of knowledge in working with new companies because of her internship with DreamIt Ventures Israel, a company that helps start-ups.  They also got support from program organizers and Oranim participants who were interning at various companies, and took advantage of the various resources.
Many people have ideas that never come into fruition, but Aaron, Daniel, and Zhenya turned their dream into reality.  IceDreamApp invites all the dreamers of the world to meet your mind.
Show your support and “like” them on Facebook @ IceDreamApp and visit their website www.icedreamapp.com, and check out the app in the App Store!



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