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Published : December 27, 2012
By Rebecca Crystal, Dance Journey
I didn’t panic. Not until I boarded my El Al flight from JFK to Tel Aviv and fully realized that I was about to leave my home for five months.
A concerned flight attendant noticed my anxiety and asked me where I was heading. When I told her Kibbutz Ga’aton, she said brightly, “Oh! That’s the kibbutz where everyone goes to dance!”
I breathed freely again. Indeed, it was the reason I’d chosen to spend a semester in the northern Israeli village.
While Ga’aton functions as a modern kibbutz supported by agricultural and industrial exports, it is also a "dance village.”
Set in the gorgeous upper Galilee, the main dance studio’s windows overlook the rolling hills...
Published : December 24, 2012
Like most American Jews of my generation, my first encounters with Israel were cultural. 
I saw pictures of people reading the newspaper while floating in the Dead Sea. 
I wrote notes to be placed in the Western Wall. 
I ate hummus and falafel at Israeli Independence Day parties. 
My “Israel is Good” education certainly did its job. I was in love before I even stepped foot in the Holy Land.
Then, when I finally did land in Israel after high school for nine months of study, volunteering, and experiencing Israel...

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