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Published : October 25, 2012
When I told people I was going to study abroad in Jerusalem, they inevitably made a face. 
“Why don’t you go to Europe? You spent all that time learning French,” some said. Or, “Oh I’ve heard of Semester at Sea. I didn’t know there was Semester at Synagogue too.” 
From family members who only had my best interests at heart, I heard, “Thank goodness, now you’ll find a Jewish husband” followed by, “But once you find him, you better make that jerk move back to America. Israel is just too far away.” 
Initially, I chose to study at the Masa Israel-accredited program at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem because I was a...
Published : October 24, 2012
By Alex Willick, Otzma
This is what I’m doing for my first three months in Israel. I’m an assistant coach for the middle school’s basketball team in the town in which I live (Karmi’el). How I wound up in this position is a funny story in itself.  
Within the first week of my moving to Karmi’el, I met the Mayor, Adi Eldar. I spoke with him briefly about sports and Karmi’el’s awful 3rd Division Soccer team, but I also mentioned I was interested in becoming involved in youth sports in town.
He immediately had his assistant write down a number for me to call the next day, and after...

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