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Posted August 22, 2012
By Alex Willick, Otzma   Gourmet ice coffee and my Hebrew notebook are good friends of mine in Israel:     A bona fide child of the Tri-State Area, Alex Willick was born in Bergen County, NJ, raised in Westport, Connecticut, and subsequently lived in New York City.  He graduated from Colgate University in 2009, where he studied music and philosophy, both of which continue to be passionate areas of study....
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Posted August 21, 2012
By Joanne Loiben, Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies   It is difficult to sum up these past 3 years at Pardes - the memories, the moments, the worlds that existed on this 3rd floor hidden paradise along with the teachers, the knowledge, the learning and the constant flow of engaging conversations.   Who I was three years ago is not exactly who I am today, and I have Pardes to thank for that. I came not knowing what to...
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Posted August 17, 2012
Courtesy of the Career Israel blog   It’s often that our fabulous Career Israel Concierges get the question: “How do I pay for these five months?”     Well, we’ve had over 1200 participants since 2007—so, we promise, it’s possible.  First of all, if you qualify for the $3,000 from Masa Israel Journey for the five-month program (and maybe even more in additional scholarships), then...
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