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Published : August 24, 2012
By Aviya Shevin, She'arim College for Women
I remember when I first fell in love with Israel. It was December 2005 and, as the wheels of the plane kissed the runway, the travelers around me broke out into applause. 
“I’m here,” I thought, “I’ve arrived.” 
I first traveled to Israel with Aish Birthright and then extended my stay for a week to study at the She’arim College for Women.  During two winter breaks from the University of Miami, I again made the trip to She’arim.  But, these were pilot trips for the ultimate goal - a year in Israel. Masa Israel made that goal a reality.
For the 2008-2009 academic year, I lived and breathed Israel, mostly in the heights of western Jerusalem...
Published : August 23, 2012
For three months I studied at the Masa Israel-accredited Hebrew University in Jerusalem, doing a semester exchange during my third year of law school at the University of Windsor in Canada. 
From the time I first learned about the opportunity to spend a semester abroad, I knew I would choose Israel. There, I would be able to explore the field of international law, understand how Israelis my age approach their academics post-army service, and immerse myself in Israeli society. I also knew that I would benefit from a taste of the traditional and infamous Israeli chutzpah
The campus of Hebrew University is like no other. Situated on Mount Scopus, one of the highest points in Jerusalem,...

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