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Published : August 30, 2012
By Shoshana Rosen, Kibbutz Ulpan
Do me a favor.  Take a quick trip with me.  
Our first stop is a lively bus station with people talking loudly and grazing your shoulder as they pass. Breathe in the smell of exhaust and fresh fruit. Feel the sweat trickling down the small of your back. 
It’s 90 degrees outside and the weight of your bag is pulling on your shoulder.  
Push past those distractions—we need to find our bus! Can you see the departure board amidst the ruckus? When does our bus leave? 
Oh, that’s right, the signs are in Hebrew. You can’t read them yet. It feels overwhelming doesn’t it? You’re uncertain of where you stand.  
Take a deep breath. You...
Published : August 28, 2012
By Alex Willick, Otzma
The primary reason for my being in Israel is to learn what it’s like to be an Israeli — all the wonders, difficulties, elation, struggles, and passions included.  That’s why I joined this protest.
If you’ve been paying attention to the news coming out of here, aside from the constant barrage of violent attacks from religiously motivated radicals, there is an amazingly organic, homegrown protest of the cost of living in this country.  Housing costs, especially in the cities, has skyrocketed as industry privatization moves forward.  The wealth gap is widening as the middle class is becoming decreasingly able to...

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