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Published : July 13, 2012
By Josh Roberts, Desert Sports Challenge 
הרוח נושבת בחוזקה ברחבי המדבר
Ha’roo’ach noshevet b’choz’ka b’rach’vay hameed’bar
The winds blasting across the desert
מפזרת את חולות הזמן במרחבים השקטים.
Mefazeret et cholot haz’mahn bamer’chaveem hahsh’kefeem
Spreading the sand of time over open spaces
אנו הולכים הנה והנה
Anu hol’cheem heh’nah v’heh’nah...
Published : July 03, 2012
By Jessica Hochstadt, Career Israel
I am standing here in front of you, and I have to admit, I am nervous. It’s not the public speaking part that gets me, but what comes after this—ending Career, and leaving Israel.
I have to laugh at myself for a minute, because I remember having a very similar feeling a few weeks before I started this programending my career, and leaving for Israel. Before I ask myself what comes next, I’d like to go back five months and take a look at our Israel Experience.
When we first arrived at Beit Yehuda hostel, I remember thinking to myself… what have I done? Itzik told me he was my angel; little did I know how true that statement would be.

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