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Published : June 04, 2012
By Tamar Gelb, Me'ohr Bais Yaakov
As nobody famous once said, "Dirt, dirt everywhere, but nothing to plant."
Driving for four hours in the desert of Israel, one can either go crazy from the mere desolation or crazy from the breathtaking beauty of the endless sand.
A blind person might see the endless peaks of sand mountains and go back to their music; but I, I just can't get enough of it.
As the cozy bus hums along  the winding road I stare out of the large window, my reflection dimly stares back at me. Yet all i see are the rolling hills of beige sand, then a few miles of flat...
Published : June 04, 2012
For the last nine months, in addition to participating in the normal volunteering and study program, the Arts track of Young Judaea Year Course has explored their own artistic expression along with Israel’s Jewish contemporary arts. Last Wednesday, May 30th, about one hundred people gathered at Jerusalem’s popular performance space Hama’abeda (The Lab) for the track’s closing event.
The evening began with an exhibition of the chanichims’ visual art, a combination of painting and photography capturing their thoughts and feelings about their time in Israel.  
Lauren Pinkney of Denver, CO with pictures from her volunteer experience in Africa
Following a short reception of cheese and beverages, the second...

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