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Published : May 09, 2012
I came to Israel wanting to learn Torah at Pardes, and I have. Thank God, I’ve learned tons of Torah here and am privileged to learn more each day.
But now that it’s May and I’m entering into the home stretch of my first year in Israel, I’ve gotten to thinking about some of the other things I’ve learned since coming here nine months and one lifetime ago, the bonus features of my Israel experience, those unexpected extra scoops of ice cream that have made spending nearly all my savings on this crazy adventure even more worthwhile.
While here, I’ve also learned...
...that I am the type of person who will get excited about having a surprise lesson on Aramaic grammar at Pardes,...
Published : May 08, 2012
WUJS Israel Arts participant Brandon Robinson created a time-lapse video about Israel and what it means to be "home," and was thrilled to see it go viral after being shared by Israel's Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Brandon says of his experience, "It was just amazing; I couldn't have asked for anything better.  The arts track was perfectly geared to what I wanted to do and allowed me to spend six months making whatever art I wanted to make.  I connected with a lot of helpful people, leading to my upcoming trip back. Just being able to travel around the country, going everywhere you can imagine was great."...

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