“Lions and Tigers and Fires, Oh My!”

By Zoe Goldstein-McKay, Young Judaea Year Course
There are many Jewish holidays.
They involve huge meals (I’m talking at least six courses), lots of praying, and personal reflection. I’ve celebrated them all in the States and thought I knew my favorites; however, I am fortunate to be in Israel where there are a multitude of Israeli holidays which have no connection to Jews outside of Israel.
One of them is Lag B’omer, a holiday that includes bonfires, meat, and a nice story...
...Of course, no Jewish holiday would be complete without food, and this one is no exception. Year Course provided quite a picnic spread: hot dogs, hamburgers, chicken kababs, salad, potatoes, rice, fruit and lethal amounts of hummus.
We were on top of a hill in Jerusalem at night time overlooking the valleys below and under the stars above.
There was a roaring bonfire (fear not, there were marshmallows) and two men playing the drums. I mean real drums. Not those pathetic school band drums, but proper authentic ones. 

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