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Posted April 30, 2012
  Next month, on May 22nd, Masa Israel will be holding its main end-of-year event in the International Convention Center in Jerusalem. The event will host approximately 3,000 Masa participants from around the world in the audience, and will feature the Prime Minister of Israel  Benjamin Netanyahu as a guest of honor.   While simply coming to the event will be a fantastic way to cap off your time in Israel, we want to give...
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Posted April 27, 2012
  By Amy, Saving the Stones   After a much needed break during the week of Pesach (Passover), we jumped right into a week long intensive course on stone conservation with Jacques Nageur, Head of Art Conservation for the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA), and his team. Our week with Jacques was highly anticipated, as it had been built up by the Saving the Stones staff, and it definitely did not disappoint. Plus, the course was...
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Posted April 25, 2012
Do you have friends or family you think should go to Israel? Masa Israel wants to help you get them there (and give you a flight to visit them)! Here's how: Email Annie Lascoe, Masa Israel's West Coast Regional Director at with the name, email, and phone number of anyone interested in learning more about Masa programs. For each prospective participant you send Annie, your name will be entered into a...
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Posted April 23, 2012
  By Laura M., Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies   Sitting in Café B’Gina on Beit Lechem I feel the need to do a review. Fist of all the café is very close to Pardes, located on 74 Derech Beit Lechem it is a 10 minute walk from Pardes.   I first heard of this little small nature loving café from my favorite show Srugim. They go there on multiple occasions in the show and I have always...
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