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Progress, Produce, Consume: A Musical Experience in the Holy Land

Posted April 18th, 2012
By Sarah Orlik, Young Judaea Year Course
In coming out of the desert and moving to Jerusalem, I knew that music would have a much stronger presence in my life.
As much peace and quiet as Arad had to offer, I was more than looking forward to enhanced opportunities to get out there and really see what Israeli music is about. And I have. I’ve tried my best to become a part of city music as an audience member, a student and a performer.
In my experience, a musical atmosphere can be made or broken by a social environment. When I first began to venture into the unknown territory of Jerusalem music, any uncertainty I had about how new participants would be received was easily erased.
When a few of us decided to play a set of three songs at an open mic night, one of which was an original song of mine, we were pleased to be met with a welcoming, easygoing crowd and fun environment.
Even simply walking down Ben Yehuda Street or through the shuk, it’s common to spot someone eager to share their music and for the most part they are warmly received by the community.
Needless to say, I have been pleased to discover several avenues through which to easily become a part of musical Jerusalem.


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