Budokan Martial Arts and Fitness Alumni Spotlight: Alex Gurfinkel

Meet Alex Gurfinkel (second from the left), 22 year old Los Angeles local and college student. He is now finishing up his last year at UC Riverside and is looking for a well deserved break before heading off to law school. If you ask him what he would like to do during his break, he would tell you, “blow off some steam and go back to Israel.”
Last time Alex was in Israel, he was a proud participant of the 5-month Budokan Israel Martial Arts and Fitness program
This program prides itself on strengthening the mind, body, and spirit of its participants while allowing them to explore Israel through a lens of self-perseverance. This year, Budokan Israel is launching a 1-month summer program and Alex is looking forward to coming back to Israel for it.
If you’d ask him, he would tell you, “most kids are looking for an excuse to come back to Israel after their Birthright experience. There is nothing out there like Budokan Israel.” 
If you’re looking to come back to Israel or know somebody that might be, the Budokan Israel program makes an interesting option for anybody that is looking for a challenge. You can ask Alex about his experience yourself, he’d be happy to tell you all about it alexgurfinkel@gmail.com!

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