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Published : March 07, 2012
Another Tuesday, another week full of developments.
Lately I’ve been filling out lots of applications, whether they be for college programs, summer jobs, or other interesting things that I can put on my resume and add to my life experience.
Which brings me to an email I received today from Masa, an Israeli organization that provides support for international students participating in GAP year programs. A few weeks ago, a Masa email appeared in my inbox advertising what they called the “Building Future Leadership Conference,” a seminar over spring break that lets accepted students choose from 5 tracks. Aside from basic core leadership courses encompassing the Jewish international community, some of the special tracks include Entrepreneurship, Networking, and Creating Change From Within. Needless to say, I was more than interested to be doing something productive over break and filled out the application as soon as I could.
Anyway, today I received my acceptance email that gave a few more details about the program. It turns out that I will be able to meet Israeli President Shimon Peres! President Perez, aside from being one of the country’s prominent leaders, is a recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize and former Prime Minister. He has been a member of 12 Israeli cabinets and was a major participant in the creation of the Oslo Accords. I am super super excited to meet such an important person, and to absorb as much knowledge as I can from him. This is truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity (although one day hopefully I’ll be enough of a boss to be meeting these kinds of people all the time). 
So, yeah. Break’s gonna be super awesome, and I’ll be doing all kinds of important person stuff. Hooray for me.
Published : March 07, 2012
By Ellen Brown, Eco-Israel
But of course! Just because it’s in in Israel does not mean that it is inherently Jewish. Coming to the farm, I anticipated an “Eden-esque” land where Jewish intention planted every seed.
After about a week or so of orientation and adjustment, a casual conversation with a fellow Eco-Israel participant revealed that Jewish essence was less prominent in our program than we had imagined.
Then it occurred to me. This was an ecological farm (certainly advertised as such) and not specifically a “Jewish farm.” It was my own imposition of the “Holy Land Myth” that clouded my perceptions of my surroundings.

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