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Published : March 20, 2012
Jacob Couzens here. It’s been an exciting first half to a week-long seminar that has definitely gone beyond its expectations. Although I wasn’t sure what we’d be doing for a whole week on Masa’s #BFL program, they’ve been keeping us on our toes with a variety of sessions; including group discussion, keynote speakers, and different tracks for individual interests.
Upon arriving I made my way to my room and met three roommates who were all on the Nativ Leadership Program. It turns out they’re also all attending the University of Maryland, just like me, so we immediately bonded over our intentions for next year. After our initial meeting with our discussion groups (Group 4 baby), we made our way into the main hall for an address by President of...
Published : March 08, 2012
Israelis are the masters of body language.  With the movement of a hand, the flick of the wrist, or the jutting of a chin they can communicate a whole series of complex emotions without saying a word. Pay attention to those hand gestures because science has proven there is more to body language than meets the eye. Here is a short guide for all those moments when you think you know what's going on, but really, you have no idea.
Gesture: Hand out in a pinched formation
It could mean: Look what I have here
What it really means: Wait one second, hold on, shut up, I don't care, I'm busy, stand there a little longer and feel stupid, can't you see you idiot I am in the middle of something way more important than you which is this cell phone conversation with my friend about the amount of cous-cous I ate last night. AKA rega....

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