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Published : February 06, 2012
By Becca Feldman, Huntingdon Valley, PA, Young Judaea Year Course
The question is always asked:  what is there to do in Arad?  Truthfully, Arad is a small town with a limited amount of activities but a lot of spirit and opportunity. A few weeks ago my friends and I decided we wanted to go on a hike to the Dead Sea. We met with Eli, the coordinator of Arad for Year Course, and received a map. Then on Friday morning, my friends and I with nothing but a map, water bottles, and snacks, left at 4 am from Arad and hiked 8 hours to the Dead Sea.
When we were standing at the top of the mountain, eating lunch, and looking out to the Dead Sea, the feeling of accomplishment we all felt was irreplaceable. At that point, we we truly understood the amazing opportunities we had right in front of us, and that we, six...
Published : February 04, 2012
By Sarah Samole, Midreshet Harova
Many people visit Israel and often return home with the notion that they will one day return to this beautiful country again—as tourists.
As such, I considered ditching the “year in Israel” plan in favour of starting university, but I was steered forward by the unusual (and accidental) deferral of admission I received from my specialized university program coupled with the appeal of Midreshet Harova`s abundant course selections, plus three meals daily, of course.
As a student travelling alone, I found myself exposed to a new, “light side” of the general Israeli populace. 
A frequent bus user, I was wowed by the readiness of seated passengers to give up their coveted spots on packed buses not only for cane-...

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