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Published : February 13, 2012
By Eric Eingold, Ma'ase Olam North American Manager
After having been in Israel for a whirlwind two weeks on a Birthright tour, I was excited to finally get to work. Since September, I’ve worked as the North American Manager for Ma’ase Olam.
Ma’ase Olam grounds its work in providing access to quality education, and currently is overseeing the work of a group of Israel Teaching Fellows in a city called Rehovot, just outside Tel Aviv.
While there, I had the privilege of witnessing what the day-to-day experience of teaching English in Israeli schools is like. It was intense, beautiful, hilarious, and awe-inspiring. I visited two schools Monday morning, January 23rd, 2012.
Published : February 11, 2012

By Leah Nechamkin, Bnos Sarah

What is Yerushalayim?
Yerushalayim is a city like any other, with apartment buildings and buses and stores and attractions. 
But Yerushalayim is also a city built of a beautiful white stone that reflects the strong sunlight, bouncing it playfully to and fro, till it’s too bright to look at unaided.
Yerushalayim has seasons like any other city. But the seasons here are those of the Jewish people.
 Every season brings new displays, decorations, and sales - but here they are of Purim costumes and honey jars, Pesach dishes and chocolate pudding.
Yerushalayim is full of diverse people. 
But any taxi driver will forgive you with a smile, and wish...

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