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Published : February 22, 2012
By Rachel Sales, Masa Israel Journey Director of Alumni and Public Relations
In Amos Oz’s memoir, A Tale of Love and Darkness, he writes that the real reason his grandmother died was not a heart attack, but rather an “excess of hygiene.”
Having arrived in Jerusalem from Vilna, she “took one startled look at the sweaty markets, the colorful stalls, the swarming side streets full of the cries of hawkers” and spent the rest of life constructing defenses against her new country’s “pervasive sensuality. “
100 years later, Israel’s in-your-face quality is the country’s magic touch. It’s one of the reasons why Americans Jews, so used to their personal space and alone time, travel to Israel and fall in love with the country. At first jarring, Israel’s intensity forces individuals to wake up and live.
Published : February 13, 2012
By Rachel Sales, Masa Israel Journey Director of Alumni and Public Relations
We’ve been seeing a similar trend for a while–young people graduate from college and can’t find jobs. They spend a few months tinkering with commas on their resumes, writing reverential emails to potential employers, and when all else fails, panicking. Finally, they make the decision to do something more productive for their professional development. For example: an internship–and better yet, one that’s abroad because they’ve heard that international professional experience is an excellent addition to their resumes.
Of course, if they’re lucky enough, they learn that these opportunities exist in Israel and that they can get funding to make it feasible.
Fast-forward five to 12 months, and they’re back home with sparking resumes, work experience in...

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