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Published : October 03, 2011
By Rebecca Ehrmann, Buffalo Grove, IL; Section 2 chanicha on Young Judaea Year Course
Those of us on the arts track recently had an overnighter in Ein Hod, an artistic community. We stayed in the homes of artists for the night we were there, and during the day, learned about the village and participated in arts workshops.
My host family had a son named Omer who was only about two years older than me. His parents weren’t home for most of the time I was there, and when they were, they happily let Omer look after me and the other girl who also stayed at their home. He was my real host, checking in with me to see if I had everything I needed, constantly offering me cups of coffee and tea, and talking to me despite the fact that his English was poor.
Published : October 03, 2011
By Derek Kwait (First published on his blog for “The Jewish Chronicle” of Pittsburgh, Yinzer in Yerushalayim, 9 September 2011)
Sunday was orientation at Pardes. The getting-to-know-you introductions at the beginning made one thing clear straight-away—this is a place of diversity. The students at Pardes range from future Open Orthodox, Conservative, and Reform rabbis, to a dude who’s a few weeks away from becoming a Reconstructionist rebbetzin (and with all due respect to Dave Barry, “The Reconstructionist Rebbetzins,” would be an excellent name for a rock band), to middle-aged people, to camp councilors, to current and future Jewish day school teachers, to people like me.
The ideological diversity is matched by the geographic—we have students from Canada, Australia, Russia, Argentina, New Zealand, Germany, Hungary, the Netherlands, all-over America (including...

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