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Life After York: Finding my way

Posted June 17th, 2011
By Dori Tenenbaum, Career Israel
Since kindergarten I have always known what was next: elementary school, high school, then university. At the end of my undergraduate degree I was faced, for the first time in my life, with a real choice of what to do.
Did I want to go to graduate school? Did I want to try my luck in the job market? Would I end up volunteering somewhere to gain experience before deciding what was next?
These very real questions hit me the day after convocation. All I kept hearing from everyone around me was, “What are you doing now that you’re done?” I was not sure at all. I have known for a long time my ultimate career goals, but I was never sure of the path I would take to get there. I’m sure many recent graduates, and soon-to-be-graduates, can relate to my situation.
After trying out a few different options, and not succeeding at all of them, I found my answer. I discovered a program called Career Israel that would guarantee me an internship in my field of choice in either Jerusalem or Tel Aviv, once accepted. I decided to jump in and apply to see what was out there.
After going through the application process, I was finally accepted to the program. I looked at the list of internships offered to me, and it turned out that the Israel Museum was looking for an intern to help out with various projects.
I was ecstatic. I had been trying to get an internship at this museum for two years, but they had been under renovation, and therefore had no internships available. I got very lucky; the morning I had my interview with the program the Israel Museum contacted them for an intern. It took some time to coordinate, but my placement at the Israel Museum was finally secured.
Now that I have everything figured out, I can breathe a sigh of relief. It may not have been the easiest journey to get to where I am now, but I could not have gotten here without any of the trials and tribulations I faced in between.


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