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7 Seriously Fun Festivals For Passover

Posted April 12th, 2011
It’s not spring break—it’s better! Passover brings with it a dizzying number of festivals going on across Israel, so in between your seder and trying to come up with yet another way to eat matzoh for lunch, here are some of the coolest things going on during the chag:
April 19-23, 2011
This is the 15th year of the Festival, which makes it the oldest rock festival in Israel. Artists that performing in the festival include Yehuda Poliker, Eviatar Banai, Micha Shitrit, Yishai Levy, Arkadi Duchin, Ehud Banai, Moshe Levy, The Giraffes, Mush Ben-Ari, Hadag Nahash, Shlomi Savan and Shuli Rand.
April 21-23, 2011
Boombamela is an annual youth festival attended by thousands of young adults. There will be three days of music, spiritualism, workshops, arts and crafts and much more in the Peace Lagoon, Laguna Beach north of Eilat. The festival will offer hundreds of sites, like street theater, body makeup, stage cabaret, dance classes, wall painting, a poker tournament, meditation and more.
April 20-23, 2011
During this four-day festival there will be about 20 premieres and productions of young artists alongside established artists, as well as performances created especially for the festival.
April 20-22, 2011
The Ein Gev Festival was the first music festival to be held in the state of Israel. Today, just as it did at its inception, the festival features performances of many different types of Israeli music. The Ein Gev Festival will take place at Kibbutz Ein Gev on the shore of the Kinneret. Performances include Gov, Miri Aloni, Ronit Shachar Eran Tzur and many more. At the same time the festival will be offering attractions like a guided cruise lake, fishing shows, artists market, wood workshops and much more.
April29, 30
This year the festival will include original productions, workshops and live performances of musicians such as: The Giraffes, Rockfour, Karolina, Dana Adini, Alma Zohar and many more.
April 21- April 23, 2011
Taking the place at the Old Jaffa port, the festival will include six performances for adults and four children’s plays premieres. The festival will also include international performances from around the world.
April 20-21, 2011
How would you like learn how to live a more environmentally friendly green lifestyle? The World is in Our Hands Festival in Rishon L’Tzion will show you how you can help save our planet. The festival will have a variety of activities in the subject of ‘wise consumption’ and separation of waste. It will include workshops to create useful products from recycled materials, activities and performances that show the importance of waste separation and wise consumption, ecological information, shows about nature and much more.
Really, what better way to celebrate the Exodus from Egypt to Israel than by taking advantage of all of the amazing opportunities Israel has to offer?
Which festival are you and your friends going to?


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