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I found my heart in Israel: Pardes + Career Israel

Posted December 22nd, 2010
Jordyn Feiger and Tom Bomberg, Career Israel and Pardes
What Masa Israel program did you meet on?
I was a first semester Pardes student; he was a second semester Pardes student. But I kept hanging out with the old crew even though I had transferred to Career Israel for the second part of the year. We met at a Pardes house party.
What were you both doing in Israel?
I was interning at Omanoot.org, an Israeli Arts and Culture non-profit; he was studying at Pardes.
What was your most memorable Israel moment/experience together?
Traveling together. On the bus, in a car, walking…
What was your best Israeli date?
He still hasn’t taken me out on a date :)
What are you both up to now?
I just finished yoga teacher training — I am interviewing, and continuing yoga study. Also interning at art gallery at JCC in Minneapolis, MN. He  just got accepted to chiropractic school at Northwestern Health and Sciences in Minneapolis, MN. We live together — in sin :).


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