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I found my heart in Israel: A Jerusalem Conection

Posted December 23rd, 2010
Andrew Apt and Becca Pohl
What Masa Israel program were you both participating in when you met?
I was in my second year of Graduate School at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and Rebecca was in her first year in Cantorial School at the Jewish Theological Seminary in New York, which last year had their first years attend the Conservative Yeshiva in Jerusalem, and also take some courses at the Hebrew Union College also in Jerusalem.
How did you meet?
We actually met on JDate, and had our first official date on New Year’s eve at River restaurant on Rabbi Akiva Street in Jerusalem. I had joined for a month after having a friend find similar success on the site. I found Becca’s profile, sent her a message and it came together from there.
What was your most memorable Israel moment/experience together?
We attended a friend’s wedding in Katzrin in the North. It was really cool because they did it in the archeological park and the ceremony was done in the remains of a synagogue from the Roman period. It was in May, so there was perfect weather, and all in all it was just an amazing night. We also really enjoyed spending Pesach Seder together in Haifa last year. Becca has an aunt and uncle who live there and we had seder with them this past year which was a lot of fun.
What was your best Israeli date?
There were a lot of them, our first date at River obviously was a great start to the relationship. There were a few restaurant dates in Jerusalem that were a lot of fun, but I think the most fun date we had was at this birthday party we attended at Tel Aviv Bar in Jerusalem. It’s on Jaffa street near Zion Square. There was a large mixture of Israelis, Hebrew U and Hebrew Union College students there so friends of mine were able to meet Becca and vica versa. The bar itself was really nice, and getting to meet her friends, her getting to meet my friends, was a really fun experience. It wasn’t the most romantic night per se, because it wasn’t just the two of us eating a candle lit dinner, but we did plenty of that. This night really stood out because for us it was fun to meet each other’s friends as a couple.


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