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Masa Israel Community: Israeli Security Issues Shabbaton #1

Posted November 20th, 2010

This weekend marks the first Israel Security Issues Shabbaton from the Masa Israel Community. Here is a taste of what participants will be doing and learning:

Tour: Conflict Valley – The Security Fence
Lecture: The IDF Ethical Code and Fighting Terrorism- Bentzi Gruber, Commanding Officer IDF
Lecture: Geopolitics of the Middle East: Understanding the context of the Arab-Israeli Conflict- Arye Green, MediaCenter
  1. Hezbollah and the Lebanon Border – Eliot Chodoff, Haifa Univ.
  2. The Saga of A Fanatic Moderate- Arye Green, MediaCenter
  3. The Minaret and the Satellite Dish: A Geo strategic Analysis of the Middle East- Avi Melamed, IDAN
Lecture: My Perspective As an Israeli Arab Journalist- Khaled Abu Toameh
Lecture: The Iranian Threat- Eliot Chodoff, Haifa Univ
  1. Hamas, Gaza and Gilad Shalit- Eliot Chodoff, Haifa Univ
  2. The Impact of the American Elections on the Middle East-Arye Green, MediaCenter
  3. “Islam is the Solution:” From the Streets of Gaza to the Caves of Afghanistan- Avi Melamed, IDAN
Speaker Bios:
Elliot Chodoff is a political and military analyst specializing in the Middle East conflict and the global war on terror. His articles have appeared in the Washington Times, National Post of Canada, In the National Interest, and Front Page Magazine. Elliot is the founding and managing editor of MidEast: On Target, an e-journal and newsletter.  Elliot is a major in the IDF reserves and is the Deputy Chief of Staff for Population for the Northern Region of Israel in Home Front Command. He is currently writing a PhD dissertation in International Relations at the University of Haifa.
Arye Green is the Director of MediaCentral, a Jerusalem-based project providing support services to foreign journalists based in or visiting Israel; high-tech business consultant and executive; public diplomacy (‘hasbara’) spokesman; regional democracy activist; reserve briefing officer in IDF Spokesperson’s Unit. He was the Policy advisor to Natan Sharansky 1999-2005; on executive staff of Sharansky’s Yisrael B’Aliya party 2000-2003; senior member of minister Sharansky’s staff in the prime minister’s office 2003-2005, His articles have appeared in Haaretz, The Jerusalem Post, Israel21C, Washington Jewish Week, SF Northern California Jewish Bulletin, Israel Insider, and on
Benzi Gruber - Vice Commander of Armoured Devision 252 – Is the Director general and owner at “Ofek” and “B.Z.G.” working in immovable property and high-tech company management and a Board Member at Tamir Fishman Investing house and the Investin commity. Along with these doings, Benzi is also serving in the army as a colonel, serving as a vice commander of Armoured Devision 252. He finished his regular military service army as a platoon commander ranking second lieutenant and advanced during his reserves service. Benzi is the only Vice Commander who serves in reserves and is known as the person who serves the most days of reserves in Israel. It is important to Benzi always to combine between his army work and contribution to the community by adopting Eitanim & Kfar Shaoul hospitals for mental cares and more activities. He is an Engineer in Micro Computers and he is now writhing his Phd. in behavioral science – leadership in reserve.
Avi Melamed is the Founder and executive director of “IDAN” a non-profit grassroots initiative comprised of educators and students confronting the the Israeli society’s current leadership crisis. Mr. Melamed began in the intelligence and counterterrorism arena which led to him being appointed, by the age of 30, as the youngest-ever Senior Advisor on Jerusalemite Arab Affairs to Mayor Teddy Kollekand to his successor, Mayor Ehud Olmert. After leaving the government, Avi entered the private sector where he founded Mikdam, a strategic consulting company on Arab affairs. Believing he was an educator at heart, Avi then left the private sector to go teach High School, where he taught Arabic, Middle Eastern Studies and History, among other subjects for seven years. During his tenure as a teacher, Avi began to believe that educators, once the moral compass for the State of Israel, were the ones to lead the country through the difficult times it was facing and counter the evergrowing leadership crisis which was threatening the fabric of Israeli society. This passion and commitment led him to found IDAN.
Khaled Abu Toameh ( خالد أبو طعمة‎) is an “Israeli-Arab-Muslim-Palestinian” journalist and documentary filmmaker. He is the West Bank and Gaza correspondent for the Jerusalem Post and U.S. News and World Report, and has been the Palestinian affairs producer for NBC News since 1988. His articles have appeared inThe Sunday Times, Daily Express and many others. He also writes for the Hudson Institute think-tank in New York.


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