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8 crazy nights (or days) out for Hannukah

Posted November 30th, 2010
With eight whole days of celebration, you’re probably looking for ways to make the most out of the festival of lights—Israeli style! And just like there are countless ways to spell “חנוכה” in English, there are hundreds of ways you can mix and match the events below to spend your eight crazy nights…
  1. Take a menorah tour Explore the amazing streets of Jerusalem and Bnei Brak and see the hundreds of lights glowing from every window.
  1. Branch out at the Holiday of Holidays Festival in Haifa This year marks the 17th year for the “Holiday of Holidays” Festival celebrating holidays of three faiths: Hannukah, Christmas and Eid al Adja. Throughout the month of December, the city of Haifa will be “dressed up” to celebrate all the holidays and display neighborly feelings between the three major monotheistic faiths through a variety of cultural events in art spaces for different media: plastic, music, cinema and literature as well as outdoor gathering spaces and, of course, praiseworthy Mediterranean culinary delights. 
  1. Follow in the footsteps of the Maccabis in Modi’in Join the residents on Friday for a huge treasure hunt all across the Modi’in area (with it’s Maccabi connection), from Givat Sher to the Maccabean Grave to Titora Hill. Activities, performances, and quizzes will await the participants at every station. During the afternoon, right before Shabbat comes in, the municipality will salute the city’s soldiers with an appreciation ceremony and a Dudu Tasa concert.
  1. Find the best sufganiya Israel is famous for its variety of sufganiyot, sweet & savory, plain & decorated—just name a flavor, and its there. But can you find the best sufganiyot in all of Israel?
  1. Have a latke cook-off A Hannukah staple, don’t let the holiday go by without trying to cook some for yourself. If you really want a challenge, experiment with other main ingredients besides potato.
  1. Go to the Hannukah candle lighting in Rabin Square You have eight chances. Tel Aviv, weekdays at 18:30, Saturday night at 19:00.
  1. Enjoy some Hannukah-themed stand-up comedy Anglo comedy troupe HaHafuch will feature new sketches, improv, a musical guest, cheap food and alcohol, and a Hannukah party afterwards to boot! And of course since it is Hannukah, they’ll be kicking it all off by lighting candles…
  1. Fill up your free time at Hamshushalayim A weekend of special events, discounts and unique cultural happenings throughout the city, the events include tours,  musical performances, mystery theater and more at venues in the city center, Old City, Museum Square, Ein Kerem and more.
What is your favorite Hannukah activity in Israel? (And while you’re at it, what is the best way to spell it in English?)


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