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Top 10 Israel trip photo album titles on Facebook

Posted July 30th, 2010
By Aimee Weiss, Midwest Regional Director for Masa Israel and USD Hagshama
After staffing a Taglit-Birthright Israel trip this past summer, my inbox was flooded with an onslaught of Facebook photo tags. Participants proudly displayed photos of their Israel experience for all to ogle. Their photographs tell the story better than any words can–except, maybe, their attempts to come up with Facebook photo albums titles that capture the spirit of their experience in 65 characters or less.
How do you describe such an intense trip in one pithy phrase? For anyone who’s had a transformative Israel experience, you know this is just short of impossible. From inside jokes to kitschy statements, participants sure are creative! Here are some of my favorite Facebook album titles. Please enjoy!
  1. It’s More Than A State, It’s A State of Mind
  2. Hakuna Sababa
  3. Tzfat do you mean?
  4. Israel…Masada is lot like 300, except we lost a lot worse…
  5. Israel taught me that camels don’t need sleep, so neither do I.
  6. It’s Like Pizza but they call it Shwarma
  7. Israel…Masada Climbs Chuck Norris
  8. “You Da Bomb”…”Maybe I shouldn’t have said that?”
  9. ISRAEL SUMMER 09 straight up had hummus flavored toothpaste
  10. Israel: Welcome Home
After a short ten days, you can sense the authenticity and beauty the participants feel. And this is just after ten days–imagine the possibilities from a longer Israel experience.
What are some of your favorite album titles?
Special thanks to Israel trip providers Canada Israel Experience, Oranim, and Shorashim for use of their participant’s titles, and to Eliav Rodman for the photo.


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