Photo Essay: Masa Israel Leadership Summit

Over 50 Masa Israel alumni gathered on Sunday for a packed day of networking, discussions, and brainstorming at the Masa Israel Leadership Summit.
In addition to sessions on public speaking/presentation skills and Israel education, and participants heard from a panel of young Jewish innovators—most of whom spent time in Israel on multiple immersive experiences before starting their ventures.
Summit participants took time to brainstorm ideas for the future of the Masa Israel alumni community in North America, and using the tools they learned from the sessions and the panel, they began figuring out how to put their ideas into action.
Panelists spoke about how their time in Israel influenced their projects, and gave advice about what it takes to succeed when launching businesses and non-profits.
After the panel, summit participants had the chance to speak with the panelists informally and learn more about how they launched their ventures, and get advice on how to take ideas and turn then into successful projects.
Participants were alumni of a variety of Israel programs—some had been back for a few years, and others just returned from Israel in the past few weeks (one even came straight from the airport)! Several people reconnected with friends they hadn’t seen since their program.
Reflecting on the summit, Masa Israel program alumna Lara Porter said “being able to meet fellow alumni, speakers and the panelists really gave me the opportunity to connect with peers and real-life role models – now I know how I can use my Israel experience to make a difference.”

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