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What’s happening at Because We Care at Hakfar Hayarok

Posted June 16th, 2010
Masa Israel programs in Israel usually culminate with goodbye parties, reflective sessions and a strong feeling of pride for one’s experience. One Masa Israel program, however, has decided to make one last impression on Israel before they finish their program. Hakfar Hayarok is home to the Because We Care program. Participants in the program volunteer in the kfar teaching English enrichment courses, tutoring students in English and working on the farm. Above that, they have created projects and programs for the students including movie nights, a rugby team, hip hop dancing, trivia nights and scavenger hunts.
As they began to think about where their paths were leading to, program director Lori Schaefer Bacher came to them in a meeting and said, “What about a summer camp?” They began discussing the details of running a summer camp, and the more they talked, the more they realized that they had different experiences they could bring to make a camp. Bacher, acting as a coordinator with over 25 years experience in summer camps, is working with experienced teachers to create a camp. Both camp administrators, Shoshanna Leonard and Sarah David, are Masa Israel participants. Leonard taught English in America for 6 years before coming to Israel on the Because We Care program. Sarah studied English at Rutgers University and has been working summer camps since high school.
The camp will mix learning English in a standard classroom setting with outdoor activities, music, art, dance, indoor games, swimming and nature programs. Three hours a day will be devoted to learning English with three teachers per classroom. Camp sessions are 2 weeks long, Sunday through Thursday from 8:30 in the morning until 3:30 in the afternoon. The first session is July 4th-July 15th and the second session is July 18th- July 29th.
The Masa Israel participants are thrilled with the opportunity to continue teaching Israeli youth how to read, write and speak English. 


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