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Ten plagues to avoid this Passover

Posted March 28th, 2010
As you read the Haggadah on your Kindle, think about the 10 plagues you should avoid this Passover:
  1. Water turning to blood, or when the balance in your bank account drops from seriously depressing to EMPTY
  2. Frogs, or the desperately awkward singles you seem to meet at every party you go to
  3. Gnats and lice, or everyone (and their mother, including yours) who asks you what you’re doing with your life
  4. Flies, or the 10,000 resumes sitting on top of yours in the pile
  5. Livestock Disease, or definitely not a good thing to come down with when you don’t have health insurance
  6. Boils, …well, we’re not sure what they are either, but you should definitely avoid them at the office
  7. Thunder and hail, or all those student loans putting a damper on your “fun fund”
  8. Locusts, or the secret ingredient in that cheap Chinese takeout you’ve been eating for dinner every night
  9. Darkness, or “forgetting” to pay the electric bill this month…or a liberal arts degree
  10. Death of the Firstborn, or what might happen to you if you’re still living at your parents’ house three months from now
Don’t be a slave to the plagued economy. Intern, study, or volunteer in Israel for 5-12 months
Chag Sameach (Happy Passover) from the Masa Israel Team! Which plague are you trying to avoid this year?


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