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A Sublime Subliminal Concert

Posted March 17th, 2010
By Lizzy Feldman, Young Judaea Year Course
Growing up in Young Judaea, a Zionist Youth Movement, there was never a doubt in my mind that I would go on a gap year program in Israel. When the time came, I applied to Young Judaea’s Year Course, and that is how I am currently spending my year in Israel. However, I was unaware of Masa’s involvement in my year apart from it being a sort of umbrella organization, and receiving a free backpack from them.
So when my program was told of a Masa event that we could attend, most of us were a little hesitant to pay 25 shekels for a concert sponsored by something we knew so little about. But last night, February 26th, I and about 50 of my friends boarded a bus headed for Yaffa for the workshop. I don’t think any of us where prepared for what we experienced.
We learned that the point of this night was to expose us to Israeli Culture. So before the Subliminal concert, we were going to have workshops on various aspects of culture- dance, music and literature. Normally, when a group of young people are told they are having workshops, it means we go to a large room and there are various stands that tend to not be very involving or interesting. So it is fair to say that none of us, including all the other groups, were particularly excited for this “workshop”. This workshop, however, was nothing like that. Instead, Masa somehow got the giants of the various cultural aspects, like David Broza and Etgar Keret to perform and lecture.
My group saw a Tararam performance. Tararam is a stomp troupe, which uses rhythm, music, dance and acting to create an incredible show that is incredibly audience involving. It was amazing, and there was not one person in the room who did not enjoy the performance. From there, we trekked up to Tel Aviv for the performance. The buses parked about a kilometer away from the club where he would be performing, and it was pouring rain.  Remember, Year Course was not the only group there, and on the buses.
There were groups from Russia, South America, France, Australia, and so many others from all over the world. So all together, we ran through the rain, screaming, jumping into puddles, until we arrived at the club, soaking wet, and exhilarated. I am convinced that the rain actually made the entire experience more enjoyable, and far more fun.
Once we arrived, it was not long before the concert began. Subliminal performed for about an hour and a half, with the help of his sister and two other singers. What was most exciting for me (apart from seeing friends from other programs) was that I knew almost all of the songs he sang, from camp, Young Judaea and school. It was quite incredible, being able to sing along, even though I did not understand all the words.
All in all, I had an amazing night, seeing friends, and experiencing Israeli dance and music. The culture of this country is truly its strongest and (in my opinion), it’s most beautiful aspect, and I only hope Masa can organize more events like this one, and more people can experience Israel the same way I got to.
Check out more pictures from the event on Masa Israel’s Flickr page!




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